Le amiche rocce

During our workshops, you will have the opportunity to explore our permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, guided by experts in the field. You will be immersed in a stimulating environment where you can discover art and history through practical and creative approaches.

Natural Sciences, Mineralogy, and Creativity Workshop

Participants are invited to carefully observe the rocks arranged on the table in the workshop room, initially covered by a cloth, guided by the facilitator’s questions. Using various materials (rocks of different sizes, colored paper sheets, glitter, markers, acrylic markers, colored pencils, glue, etc.), children are encouraged to personalize the rock they have ‘discovered’ under the cloth.The participants are given the freedom to work on their own, with technical support provided when needed, and they are encouraged to verbally share their experience during the workshop.

For information and reservations:
Phone: 0324 492316/492314 – Mobile: 338 5029591 – Email:
Office of Culture and Museums – Via Don Minzoni, No. 1 – Domodossola (VB)

  • Where
  • Recommended age
    From 6 to 8 years old
  • Objectives
    Encouraging the idea of discovery and the ability to transform seemingly simple objects
  • Duration
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